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Teaser Program 18 (Maria, Mia...) pie in the face girls challenge p18

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Full clip: Maria (program 17) and Mia (13 and 16) face off in an epic game show with pie in face, a face-dunking challenge, and slimed | Pie Challenge Program 18 - Full HD 1920x1080


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"Epic Pie Covering..."

Mia and Maria debut the new episode of the pie challenge, where each of them must find three plums in the pie-filled tin, yes, this moment was epic, Mia had to dig through the tin to locate a non-existent plum.

Right after, we move on to the traditional pie in the face segment, where the girls take turns answering questions and pieing their opponent. Things get more intense and messy when the director decides to introduce a new rule: if the girl doesn't clean her face, she earns 1 point. This made them keep the mess on longer (although the extra 1 point didn't make much difference in the end).

Mia picks up a slime sticker (as per the program's rule to receive slime) and ends up being punished with a bucket of slime at the end of the game, of course, not before both take numerous pies in the face and end up with their faces practically covered and unrecognizable, bringing many funny and embarrassing moments.


Director's Note: "The inclusion of the new rule to earn 1 point under the condition of not cleaning the pie mess from the face made this episode one of the best in my humble opinion ("A new rule of not cleaning up"). The addition of the face-dunking challenge was also an excellent addition, especially considering the epic reactions of the girls."



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